Paramhans Das

Serial hate speech offender and attention seeker Paramhans Das who calls himself “Jagatguru Paramhansacharya from Ayodhya district” seeks the spotlight in bizarre ways. In April 2022, he played the victim card, claiming he was denied permission to enter Taj Mahal premises because of his saffron clothes. The Archaeological Survey of India refuted the claim, saying he was asked to deposit something in the security locker and he refused. Das wants to be recognised as a Hindutva leader, and in 2021, had threatened to die by suicide if India was not declared Hindu Rashtriya. He has extended the deadline now till 2023. He also demanded that the citizenship of Muslims and Christians should be terminated. Das had also announced a reward of Rs 5 crores for beheading Kalyan Banerjee (a TMC leader) and called the farmers who were protesting the regime's (now withdrawn) anti-farmer laws, “China, Pakistan and terrorist aided Khalistanis”. He is yet to be arrested for his many communal statements targeting minority communities.

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