Hate offender: Meet Ali Sohrab, an Islamist radical fanning communal flames online He makes social media comments against secular Muslims and Hindus

15, Jan 2022 | CJP Team

The sudden death of senior journalist Kamal Khan of NDTV, who has been hailed as one of the best television journalists with a distinct style of reporting, was condoled by thousands who remembered not just his immense body of work, but also his humanism. Political leaders cut across party lines to mourn Khan who was a specialist in the socio-political affairs of his home state Uttar Pradesh. However there were some who added communal poison even as Kamal Khan’s names trended across social media platforms due to the massive influx of tributes that had come in for him as soon as the news of his demise was announced.

Among them was an a handle belonging to one Ali Sohrab, an Islamist radical, who likes to call himself a ‘public figure’ and has in the past claimed to be a journalist, but a study of whose social media timeline shows how his posts aim at rousing communal passions. His posts reflect an effort to radicalise Muslims, and focus on those impressionable Muslims who may be deeply religious, but don’t necessarily harbour extremist ideas.

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His latest tweet was on Kamal Khan, who he almost “accused” of being secular and liberal when reporting. According to Ali Sohrab, the celebrated journalist had praised the Hindu god Ram, and Sohrab accused Hindus of celebrating Khan’s death. However it is evident to anyone who has been on social media since yesterday, that Kamal Khan’s demise was deeply and sincerely mourned by thousands and his insightful reportage, especially from Uttar Pradesh has been hailed as being of the highest journalistic standards.

Islamist radicals, like Hindutva hardliners choose their subjects in a same way, to cater to a limited fence-sitter audience from their respective religions to also spew communal bile. Sohrab calls himself an “Unapologetic Muslim”, and paints all non-Muslims in one brushstroke. He also claims to be “vulnerable” as a “potential victim” to hate crimes such as lynching, he dangerously claims he is “muslim enough to be lynched by Indian Hindus”.

This is more than attention seeking, it is a dangerous provocation, and an attempt to make people eye people of other communities with suspension. It also makes the already vulnerable Muslim men and women as targets for Hindutva elements who will feed on Sohrab’s radical views and appropriate them to fuel their own hate agenda.

On Facebook Sohrab has 2,74,000 followers and on Twitter he has over 23,001 followers, he often hashtags his comments as ‘kakavaani’ loosely translated as ‘uncle’s words’. He often refers to Hindus as ‘Hunood’, and mocks Muslims who are secular. Before journalist Kamal Khan, he had mocked the demise of actor Irfan Khan.


He has since long continued to post divisive comments aimed at driving a deep wedge between secular Hindus and Muslims. He peppers his posts with general news items, also carefully chosen, to drape a thin veil of ‘objectivity’. However the very next posts start being communal in nature.

In 2019, Ali Sohrab was arrested in New Delhi for his comments against political activist Kamlesh Tiwari who was hacked to death. According to a new report in The Quint, Uttar Pradesh police had then lodged an FIR against him at Hazratganj, Lucknow on charges of sharing objectionable content on the murder of Tiwari a Hindu Samaj founder. Sohrab was accused of posting ‘hate against a specific religion,’ the Lucknow police had told the media.

Aware Muslims active on social media, are once again calling his divisive tactics out in public warning all about his ”extremism and hate”.


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