Guj man offers to sell eye, kidney to build school wall

15, Oct 2015

Oct 15 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Sachin Sharma
In a non-descript village of Panchmahal district, the head of a school management committee has offered to sell his kidney and an eye to raise money for building the compound wall of a government primary school.
So fed up was Gopal Patel of making repeated representations to the government authorities, that he took to social media and offered to sell his organs to raise the money
“Since September 2013, I have made 28 representations to the concerned officials to rebuild the old compound wall. But the only reply I got was that there were no funds.They asked me to arrange for money from the funds of MLAs or MP ,“ said Patel, who heads the committee of the village school, looks into non-academic affairs at the school.
Patel said that a major portion of the compound wall was damaged and lots of stray dogs are wandering around the school. “There have been two incidents of stray dogs mauling students in Vadodara. We don’t want the same to happen here,“ he told TOI.
Patel said that he was serious about his offer. He put up the message on WhatsApp and Facebook on Tuesday night. He has sought Rs 6 lakh or construction of the wall in lieu of the organs. “I want to do this for the education of the children of my village. Few are interested in schooling and parents, at times, do not even bother to collect scholarships. They have to be pushed into collecting them,“ he said.
Patel alleged that officials had started mocking him for making repeated representations. “They used to scoff at me saying that I was an intellectual person,“ he said.


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