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Gangster arrested for sparking Saharanpur riots

01, Aug 2014

A gangster who thrived on land disputes has been arrested on charges of instigating last Saturday’s clashes in Saharanpur that killed three and injured dozens of others, the police said on Thursday. MEERUT: A former town councillor arrested on charges of instigating violence between Sikh and Muslim groups in Saharanpur that left three people dead is a muscle-man who made money off land disputes and extortions, HT has learnt.
Moharram Ali, alias Pappu, and his five associates were arrested on Wednesday and slapped with 75 charges, including attempt to murder, arson, and abetting violence.
Pappu and his seven brothers wield considerable influence in the area. Pappu, who had eight cases against him, thrived on land disputes and created one if there was none, a senior police officer said.


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