Everyday Harmony: Muslims donate to renovate Hindu temple in Gujarat Minority community members also offer free beverages to devotees

14, Oct 2022 | CJP Team

In yet another example of communal harmony, Muslim residents of Dethly village near Siddhpur taluka in Gujarat, have donated money to renovate the temple of a Hindu deity. Community members are also offering free tea to devotees participating in an ongoing Hindu festival.

According to the Times of India, the temple was renovated at a cost of Rs 1 crore, of which Rs 1,11,111 was contributed by the Muslim community. Akbar Momin, a representative of the Agakhan Momin community in the village, told the publication, “The village population is around 6,000 and 30 percent of them are Muslims. We live in harmony and have never seen any communal violence or disharmony in the village.”

Amidst the systematic hate leading to growing anger and despair, it is important to showcase a lived reality of camaraderie, equality and sharing which is the bedrock of the Indian Constitution and secularism. That way we not only hold on to every thread of hope, but effectively project these narratives, lest we lose our will to fight the good fight. As part of our #EverydayHarmony series, CJP brings you instances where Indians share and care, every single day… our food, our businesses, our homes and our friendships. This instances show how we Indians continue to reject hateful and divisive agendas even while street violence and social media are used as part of a sinister, hate-filled political agenda to tell us otherwise. Let’s reinforce India’s everyday lived reality, and through that collectively and aggressively, uphold and defend a unique pluralism, a diverse culture and truly secular values. Donate now to help us combat hate and prejudice!

A three-day yagna ceremony began on October 12 at the village and Muslims are participating by setting up counters to offer devotees free tea and coffee. According to Momin around 50,000 cups of beverages are distributed daily.

Another Muslim community leader, Ibrahim Sheikh, trustee of the Sunni Samaj, said that the community contributed Rs 51,000 to the temple, and are also participating in distributing free beverages and helping organisers with event management. “You can see many members wearing skull caps volunteering at the event,” said Sheikh.

The villages Hindus have also acknowledged the efforts of their Muslim brethren. Sarpanch (village headman) Vikramsinh Darbar told the publication, “Muslims are offering services such as handling the temple kitchen, serving food and tea to devotees and also in coordination.” He said that Muslims have been an integral part of the festival ever since planning for it first began a month ago.

This display of communal harmony in a state that has witnessed horrors of targetted communal violence, serves as a shining beacon of hope for peaceful coexistence of people from different faiths. Let us not forget that it was only earlier this year that Himmatnagar and Khambat were rocked by communal violence during Ram Navami.

Image Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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