Despite being an Indian citizen Shanti Basfore, who was in a detention camp, finally returns home Time8

06, Jun 2021

After being in detention camps for years as an Indian citizen, Shanti Basfore was finally able to return home.  Despite having all the documents, this woman over 60 years, became an illegal citizen. Finally, after a long battle, she returned to home.
After 2 years and 29 days, the old woman is able to come home with the help of Citizens for Justice and Peace. The woman hails from Ramraikuti pt ii village under Agomani police station in Dhubri district, a short distance from the India-Bangladesh border.
Shanti Basfore was born in Assam and got married in Assam itself. After her husband’s death, Shanti Basfore, was living with her daughter. But on May 5, 2019, suddenly her life changed.
The old woman was taken to the Kokrajhar Detention Camp despite having all the documents. Since then, the legal battle has been running.  There was another tragedy in the middle of it. Her mentally ill son was reported missing.
She was helpless while staying in the detention camp. Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), a voluntary human rights organization, later brought the ray of hope. This organization has been working to solve the citizenship problem for many years.
With the help of that organization, Shanti Basfore was able to return home on June 4, after 2 years and 29 days.


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