Dadri: Killing a cow is a crime, such people should be punished, says BJP worker

06, Oct 2015

Sanjay Rana
Local BJP worker Sanjay Rana said police have framed his son.
Written by Aditi Vatsa , Abhishek Angad
Dadri Updated: Oct 6, 2015, 7:02
Local BJP worker Sanjay Rana, whose son has been arrested as a prime accused in the lynching of 50-year-old Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri’s Bisara village, demanded a CBI inquiry into the case and said the local police have “framed his son”.
“While the investigation in Akhlaq’s murder case should be carried out and the guilty should be punished, my son was not even present at the spot. When the incident happened, he was 50 km away at his brother-in-law’s house. How can he be a part of the mob,” said Rana.
However, Rana also said that a case should be registered against Akhlaq’s family for cow slaughter. “While killing a man is a crime and the culprits should receive the strictest punishment, killing a cow is also a crime and cow killers should be similarly punished,” he added.
He also accused the state administration for conducting a one-sided investigation. “I have been working for the BJP for two decades and it seems my links to the party is my biggest fault. This is an attempt by the state government to malign the party’s image,” he added.


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