CJP in Action: Words of Encouragement pour in as CJP’s NRC Helpline rings off the hook! Assam Press shares our TOLL FREE number to help people

27, Oct 2018 | CJP Team

Within a month of launching our TOLL FREE Helpline Number in Assam, we are receiving words of encouragement from the Assam press that has also helped popularise the number among their readers, allowing us to reach the maximum number of people. Today our phones are ringing off the hook!

Our number was shared by The North East Network, Sangbad 365, Informative Zone as well as Gan Adhikar news publications.

The CJP team, drawing from its previous experience in providing legal aid in Gujarat, has stepped in with a multi-faceted team of volunteers to ensure that these people receive a fair chance while filing claims across 18 of the worst affected districts. We want to help people reclaim their rights as citizens. We aim to scale up our campaign and for that we need your support. Your contribution can help cover the costs of travel, documentation and technological expenses and eventually legal expenses. Please donate generously here.

Here is what other Assamese publications have said about us:

Asomiya Partidin, Page-15
Asomiya Khabar, Page-2
Dainik Gana Adhikar, Page-1

This is what The Telegraph said about us:

The Telegraphs writes about CJP’s work in Assam

All this is hugely encouraging for our small but determined team of volunteers and Volunteer Motivators. This also makes us renew our commitment to the cause and invest in it with renewed vigour.


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