CJP continues its fight against COVID, with the marginalised How CJP is fighting the COVID surge

12, May 2021 | CJP Team

CJP has created a Volunteer Cell that answers distress calls, verifies available resources from official and civil society initiatives, creating our own information and awareness resources to prevent panic, distress and further spread of the dreaded virus. CJP’s resources in multiple languages have been appreciated across the board.
CJP’s core work is with communities that are most marginalised and voiceless.

A robust community network within Adivasis and Forest Dwellers, the minority communities of Purvanchal and Bengal, all ethnicities in Assam in five districts will conduct Covid-19 Camps every day monitoring health and symptoms of vulnerable populations (temperature, oxygen levels, other symptoms) to catch the spread before it becomes serious.

We need to do more.
Monthly ration kits to the most vulnerable sections of our people in the MMR region where we are based. Help us reach Medical and Food Kits to India’s most marginalised communities. Combat Covid-19 with CJP. Donate NOW: https://cjp.org.in/donate/


#CJPWednesdays We achieved so much together because of YOU

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CJP continues its fight against COVID in 2021

How CJP is fighting the Covid-19 surge


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