Brutal attack in Jabalpur: Dalit children beaten, hands tied for drinking water from public well Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh: 5 Dalit children beaten with sticks, with hands tied behind their back, for drinking water from a well

19, Feb 2024 | CJP Team

Distressing visuals have surfaced from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh wherein minor boys could be seen being physically abused by a man. The said video, which was uploaded on the ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) account of HateDetector, shows a man holding a stick and hitting 5 crying children on their legs. The 5 boys can be seen with their hands tied behind their backs with a rope and crying out loud as the man relentlessly hits them with the stick.

It has been alleged that the 5 boys belong to the Dalit community and are being hit with sticks for drinking water from a well. A crowd can also be seen in the video, standing quietly as the man goes on to abusing the 5 children. At one point in the video, a boy from the group of five can be seen running towards the crowd of people standing and watching the brutality unfold, only to be pushed towards the man beating them with the stick, who goes on to beat the child.

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The video can be viewed here:

It is essential to note that in accordance to Article 15 of the Constitution of India, discrimination amongst people on the basis of their caste attracts severe consequences and punishments. Article 15(2)(a) of the Indian Constitution provides that citizens should not be prevented from accessing public places, such as shops, restaurants, hotels or any other place which is open to the general public solely because of their religion, race, caste, gender, place of birth, or any other similar basis. Article 15(2)(b) of the Constitution states that no individual can restrict another individual on the basis of religion, race, caste, gender, or place of birth from using septic tanks, wells, roads, or any other public facility maintained by the state funds or specifically designated for public use.

Last year too, in November of 2023, a number of Dalit people were assaulted by the Parmar community in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena over the issue of cutting trees. Members of the Dalit community had then been attacked by axes and sticks.

Image: Video Screengrab



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