Assam Floods: Lost lives, livelihood, citizenship documents CJP's Assam team is collecting valuable NRC documents to keep them safe

02, Jul 2020 | CJP team

Over the last couple of days, several parts of Assam have been hit by the ongoing floods. Over 1.5 million people are affected, across the 23 districts of Assam.

CJP’s team in Assam have been visiting various districts to monitor and document the condition of the residents. A lot of these people are huddled together in refugee camps, with little to no food supply, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

A big concern for most people, is that their NRC and identity documents might get lost due to the floods. Team CJP is collecting their documents to keep them safe.

People are complaining of the Government’s lack of intervention and their future remains in the dark.

Watch this video to know more.


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