Amala Das returned home after spending two years and four days in detention camp Bartalipi

17, May 2021

Detention camps will be demolished if we come to power. And those Bangladeshis who are here, they should be ready to go to the other side. This is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the 2014 election campaign. His party has come to power twice in a row. Far from demolishing detention camps, the largest detention camp in Asia has been built in Goalpara district of lower Assam. Despite being Indians, many have been kept in detention camps.
This was alleged by Citizens for Justice and Peace. After spending two years and four months in detention camp, Amala Das of Bamunijhora village under Panbari police station in Chirang district has finally returned home because of CJP’s activities. Despite having all valid certificate of Indian citizenship, Amala had to spend time in the Kokrajhar detention camp with a foreign badge for technical deviations. Thus, the tribunal has declared many Indians as foreigners by using technical deviations as a tool. Amala Das’s husband died five months ago. Then in the absence of his wife, the body of her dead husband Gopesh Das remained in the house for two days. Later, under the auspices of the CJP, Amala Das, a detainee in a detention camp, was released for four hours for her husband’s funeral.
Two days after her husband’s death, Amala Das had to return to the detention camp after breaking her Shakha and wiping her Sindoor. Many more people like Amala have not seen their family for once as a victim of D-voter and detention camps. Some year ago, a woman from Chirang district also spent two years in detention camp just because of errors in her name. Who will be judge the fault of that which reason the woman was suffer in detention camp?
CJP has demanded that real Indians be released from detention camps. And during the Corona crisis, where there is a shortage of hospitals and oxygen beds, Asia’s largest detention camp should be converted into a Covid hospital. On behalf of the CJP, Nanda Ghosh said, after Amala Das, CJP is working for the release of Shanti Basfor, a Hindi-speaking woman from Golakganj in Dhubri, who is lodged in Kokrajhar detention camp.


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