90 year old Koch Rajbongshi lady Moyna Devi is a suspected foreigner Goti

03, Jul 2021

That is called irony of fate. Once she was the most beautiful lady in the village. She is now 90 years old. Now she has to prove her citizenship. Her villagers were started to call her ‘Devi’ for her beauty. Ninety-year-old Moyna Devi has to pay compensation for her name being changed in government documents. She belongs to Koch Rajbongshi community. In Assam, Koch Rajbongshi community is identified as origin inhabitants. Even then Koch Rajbongshi Mayna devi has to prove her citizenship in this age. CJP (Citizens for Justice and Peace) come forward to help her. The CJP website quoted Moyna Devi as saying, “My name was Moyna since birth. It is my only name. I was very beautiful. My neighbours called me Devi.” In the website says more, “She was not ever went to school. Her family members never understood the importance to correct her name.” Noted, Moyna was identified as doubtful foreigner in 2007. Even she had to appear in the FT.
Always Moyna has to live in char region area near borderline of Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra river floods over and washes away many villages. When it becomes difficult to save life from river, who cares about documents? She was born in the Maitel village near Bangladesh border. Moyna Barman’s father-in-law’s house was in Kedar part i.  She was staying in Kedar part i with her husband. She has three child- one boy, two girls. Her son died a few years ago. Now she is living with one of her daughter in Kedar part iii. Kedar part iii is under Golokganj police station of Gauripur LAC in Dhubri district. She has 1951 NRC in her name. In 1951 she was 20 years old. So she is 90 years old now. Economical condition of her family is not well. Her physical condition also not well. She is suffering from a skin disease. Since her citizenship is in question, she does not receive any government benefits. She has hearing twice in FT. In the age of 90 she was present in her one hearing. FT works and hearings are closed now for lockdown. Therefore, the fate of Moyna is also hanging. On behalf of CJP, Assam State Incharge Nanda Ghosh and motivator volunteer Habibul Bepari come forward to release  Moyna from the anguish of FT.


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