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Naroda Patiya Mass Murder Eye Witnesses address Press Conference with CJP

29, Aug 2012


With tears of happiness choking them Women Victim Eye witnesses
(Jannatchachi, Shakilabano, Faraznabano, Ishrat Jahan, Zuleikha appa and Fatima appa offer Shukrana namaz in Ahmedabad. They will address a press conference with team of lawyers of Citizens for Justice and
Peace and its Secretary Teesta Setalvad at Prashant at 3 pm today.

Hailing the historic verdict in the Naroda Patiya mass murder case
delivered by Judge Jyotsnanbehn Yagnik. Special Sessions Judge in
Ahmedabad today by which one senior politician and several
conspirators and ring leaders have been convicted, Victim Survivors
and CJP welcomed the verdict. In all 32 persons have been convicted
including former BJP MLA and minister in the Narendra Modi cabinet,
Smt Maya Kodnani, Babu Bajrangi, Bipin Panchal, Ashok Sindhi and
Kishan Korani (sitting corporator, accused No 20) have  been
convicted. Twenty-nine of the accused were acquitted.

Most of the accused have been charged with Sections 143, 144, 147,
148 with 149, 295, 427, 435, 436, 440, 153, 153a, 153a(ii),
323-326,302, 307 (attempt to murder) read with 149 read with 120(b)
and BP Act 135(1). Accused No 22 Suresh Langda Chara has also been
convicted under Sections 354 and 376 (sections that deal with rape
and gender violence). Quantum of sentence will be pronounced on
August 31. Smt Kodnani had been convicted under Sections 295, 427,
435, 436, 440, 153, 153a, 153a(ii), 323, 324, 325, 326, 302, 307,
120-B of the IPC. Babu Bajrangi has been convicted under sections
143, 144, 147, 148 with 149, 295, 427, 435, 436, 440, 153, 153a,
153a(ii), 323,324,325,326, 302, 307 read with 149 read with 120-B.

The raw courage of the victim witnesses, especially women witnesses
who deposed fearlessly while still residing in Naroda Patiya is a
reflection of the confidence generated after the Supreme Court
monitoring and the protection from Central Paramilitary forces
provided by the Supreme Court. CJP had applied to the apex court for
protection of eye witnesses. CJP through its legal team advocates
Altaf Jidran and Raju Shaikh supervised by senior Adv Yusuf Shaikh
provided legal aid to about 70 eyewitnesses since 2009. CJP would
like to publicly acknowledge their contribution, also the seniors
advocate MM Tirmizi (Gujarat High Court), Mihir Desai (Mumbai) and
advocates Kamini Jaiswal (Supreme Court), Sanjay Parikh (Supreme
Court), Aparna Bhat (Supreme Court) and Ramesh Pukhrambam (Supreme

Eleven eyewitnesses have deposed in eye witnesses testimonies assigning in
detail the role played by Smt Maya Kodnani, in inciting the mob to
murder, fifteen witnesses deposed through eye witness testimonies
against Babu Bajrangi, 48 witnesses testified to the crimes
committed by Suresh @ Langda Chara including the offences of gender
violence and rape. (Annexed are the list of witnesses with a brief
of their testimonies). The CJP would like to state that it was the
evidence through eye witness testimonies that enabled convictions.
Corroborative evidence was provided through the phone call records
provided by police officer Rahul Sharma and TehelkaÂ’s Operation
Kalank. Without eye witness testimonies whoever convictions could
not have taken place.

Victim witnesses supported by CJP had also filed separate applications
under Section 319 praying for police officer and then first PI KK
Mysorewala to be arraigned as accused along with former Commissioner
of Police PC Pandey and SRP official Dhantaniya. While the Judge
rejected these applications, she has observed in the victim
application for compensation for rape and gender violence that the
application would be considered in the final judgement.

Names of accused who have been convicted. Naresh Agarsinh Chara (accused
1); Murlibhai Naranbhai Sindhi (accused 2); Ganpat Chanaji Deedawala
(accused 4); Vikrambhai Maneklal Rathod (accused 5); Haresh @ Hariyo
S/o Jivanlal @ Agarsinh Rathod (accused 10); Babubhai @ Babu
Bajrangi Rajabhai Patel (accused 18), Kishan Khubchand Korani
(accused 20); Prakashbhai Sureshbhai Rathod (Chara) (accused  21);
Suresh @ Richard @ Langdi Kantibhai Dedawala (Chara) (accused 22);
Premchand @ Tiwari Conductor (accused 25); Suresh @ Sehjad Dalubhai
(Marathi, Charo) (absconding) (accused 26); Nawab @ Kalu Bhaiyo
Harisinh Rathod (accused 27); Manubhai Keshavbhai Maruda (Bhangi)
(accused 28); Shashikant @ Tiniyo Marathi Yuvraj Patil (accused 30);
Babubhai Jethabhai Salat (accused 33); Lakshmanbhai @ Lakho Budhaji
Thakor (accused 34); Dr. Mayaben Surendrabhai Kodnani  (accused
37);  Ashok Hundaldas Sindhi (accused 38); Harshad @ Mungda Govind
Chara (Parmar) (accused 39); Mukesh @ Vakil Ratilal Rathod (accused
40); Manojbhai @ Manoj Sinhi Renumal Kukrani (accused 41); Hiraji @
Hero Marwadi @ Sonaji Danaji Medhwan (Marwadi) (accused 42);
Bipinbhai @ Bipin autowala Umedray Panchal (accused 44); Ashokbhai
Uttamchand Korani (Sindhi) (accused 45); Vijaykumar Takhubhai Parmar
(accused 46); Ramesh Keshavlal Dedawala (Chara) (accused 47); Sachin
Nagindas Modi (accused 52); Vilas @ Viliyo Prakashbhai Sonar
(accused 53); Dinesh @ Tiniyo Govindbhai Barange (Marathi) (accused
55); Santoshkumar Kodumal Mulchandani  (accused 58); Pintu
Dalpatbhai Jadeja (Chara) (accused 60); Kirpalsinh Jagbahadursinh
Chabda (accused 62).

Eight charge sheets were filed in this historic case that lasted several
months. It was one of the nine cases being supervised by the Supreme
Court and was investigated by the SIT.

Teesta Setalvad,

Secretary & Trustee

Other Trustees:  IM Kadri (President),
Nandan Maluste (Vice President), Arvind Krishnaswamy (Treasurer),
Alyque Padamsee, Cyrus Guzder, Javed Anand, Anil Dharker, Javed
Akhtar, Ghulam Pesh Imam, Rahul Bose, Cedric Prakash

Annexures toPress Release


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