Zomato delivery agent lay bleeding on the roadside until Muslim colleague called for help Allegedly stabbed for smoking, his pleas for help were ignored by passersby

23, Jun 2022 | CJP Team

In a shocking incident a Zomato Delivery agent was stabbed and left to bleed to death in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar area on June 15, 2022. Passersby allegedly ignored the dying man’s pleas for help. It was only when his Muslim colleague Asif found out about it, that help finally arrived… though it was too late by then.

The deceased, identified as 29-year-old Sagar Singh, had picked up a late-night delivery from a restaurant near his home and had stopped to smoke a cigarette before going to deliver the food package. At this point, two men, said to be Nihangs, asked him to stop smoking. When Singh protested, they allegedly stabbed him.

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But what is more shocking is the allegation that Singh lay at the spot for 15-20 minutes before anyone called for help. Passersby allegedly ignored his pleas for help. It was his colleague Asif who called for help when he arrived on the spot. He first called Singh’s wife and then just as he was trying to reach the police helpline, the customer who had ordered the delivery called and Asif asked him to call the police. By the time the ambulance arrived and Singh was taken to hospital, it was too late. He was declared ‘brought dead’.

“Till the time I reached, nobody touched his body. It was already 15 minutes at least. If he would have been taken to the hospital in time, he might have been saved,” Asif said.

Singh’s brother-in-law Inder Pal who also works as a delivery agent told Hindustan Times, “Two Nihang Sikhs, who were present near the restaurant, abused Sagar for smoking. But when Sagar told them that he was smoking in an open space, and refused to stop, the two Nihangs got angry.” Pal alleged, “They took out their kirpans (daggers) and stabbed him in the left side of the chest.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Ghanshyam Bansal told the publication that the police arrested Harshdeep Singh, 22, a resident of nearby Chander Vihar, and the knife used in the murder was recovered from him. “During interrogation, Harshdeep told the police that he and his friend were near a restaurant on street number 13, Krishna Puri, when they saw Sagar blocking their way. He said they asked Sagar to move aside but he rebuked them instead,” said the DCP. Police are also investigating allegations of Singh being hit with bricks.

Meanwhile, Zomato has extended support to the deceased man’s family.

Image Courtesy: english.newstracklive.com


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