Yati Narsinghanand back with his misogynist, Islamophobic and fear infusing diatribe He was speaking at Hindu Jagruti Sammelan in Delhi

05, Apr 2023 | CJP Team

Yati Narsinghanand appeared at the Hindu Jagruti Sammelan held in New Delhi on April 3 and as is his expertise, made vitriolic and demeaning comments about not just Muslims but about women as well and instigated fear among Hindus by driving the narrative of ‘Hindu Khatre me Hai’ (Hindus are in danger).

This event took place in Holiday Inn, New Delhi in  the presence of many police officers, who were probably providing security for the event. At this event, Hate Offender Kajal Shingala aka Kajal Hindustani and a few other unknown faces appeared to make anti-Islamic speeches.

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After the Uttarakhand Dharam Sansad case, Narsinghanand had somewhat gone under the burrows and now seems to have emerged again with the same diatribe and probably full throttle. In September last year, when he said that madrassas and Aligarh Muslim University should be blown up, he was booked by UP Police and had remained low key since then.

Extracts from Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati’s speech:

(Time stamp: 29.06 to 29.27)

What should I say about Gandhiji? Such great souls like him are rare who write the script of devastation of all human kind. And who can be greater than us? The man who is responsible for our annihilation, we declared him as the father of the nation.”

(Time stamp: 29.30 to 29.54)

Shaukat Ali and Mohammad Ali (Jouhar) went up to Gandhiji and said that one Muslim even if a thief, rapist, murderer, he would still be better than you because he is Muslim and you are kafir

He also said that don’t look at whether the person fighting the war is a nice person but admire his passion for fighting the jihadis.

(At Time stamp:  43.02)

He said, “Now has come the time to unite the  entire world against Islam and its jihad.”

(At Time stamp: 44.18)

We have to take over the temple in Mecca as well where Mahadev’s Ganga flows as Zamzam (river). He then went on to call the supposed temple in Mecca as “Mecceshwar Mahadev”.

(Time stamp: 51.18.- 51.40)

In those regions where you are living, more than 50% women are in the clutches of Muslims. Don’t know from where he is earning money and these women are also giving their money to them

(At Time stamp: 51.57)

If you follow this solution I am telling you, your (woman) will not go anywhere and you can keep one of theirs (Muslim women) as well with you… you cannot remove women from your life. Whether she is Sankini, Dankini, Rashini or Yashini, we need to keep them all in our army.

The entire video may be viewed here:


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