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Who is An Indian: Voices from Assam The concerns of genuine Indian citizens

16, Oct 2019

Anima Dey is the mother of Subrata Dey who died mysteriously in a detention camp of Assam. Gopal Das was contemplating Suicide when his name wasn’t included in the NRC final draft until CJP intervened and helped him get his and his family’s name included in the final NRC. Hasan Ali is a suicide survivor who was counselled and assisted by the CJP team until he got his name included in the final NRC.

All three of them visited Mumbai for CJP’s ‘Who is an Indian’ seminar where they spoke about their hardships and genuinely spoke about the perimeters of proving ones’ citizenship and the undemocratic ways in which people are excluded from the NRC.

On this #CJPWednesdays, we ask our supporters to contemplate whether minor errors in official documents enough to label us ‘un-Indian’?


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