Two suspended for ‘false’ report on cow slaughter in Mainpuri

17, Oct 2015

Written by Manish Sahu
Lucknow Published:Oct 17, 2015, 1:04
Mainpuri district Magistrate (DM) has suspended two revenue officials who allegedly submitted a false report claiming that a cow was slaughtered in Karhal town. The officials had also stated that they met the owner of the cow, another claim that was found to be “false” as the man they talked about had “died more than two years ago”.
The rumour about the cow slaughter had led to violence in Karhal last Friday. It all began when two men, Lalla and Shafeeq, were spotted skinning a cow carcass on the outskirts of the town. Both were attacked by a mob before police rescued them. Irked over the incident, locals torched police vehicles and vandalised several shops.
After the situation was brought under control, the DM had sent local lekhpal (revenue clerk) Arvind and revenue officer Amar Singh to verify if a cow was indeed slaughtered and whether the bovine belonged to one Ghanshyam of Karhal.


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