This women’s day CJP celebrates all women in resistance We salute all the brave women who speak up against oppression and violence

08, Mar 2020 | CJP Team

From the brave foot-soldiers who work on the ground to the ones who support them vocally, from the tribal lands inside the forest to the urban metros, from leaders to followers, from asking important questions to fighting it in courts and beyond, brave women have time and again taken ownership to march against wrongdoings and resist the culture of hate.

This international women’s day, CJP takes a moment to look at all the women who fearlessly challenge the system of rampant misogyny, racism, religious fundamentalism, oppression, unconstitutionality and violence.


Will sacrifice life, but not give up land: Adivasis of Sonbhadra

Sokalo Gond and Nivada Rana move SC demanding forest rights

My fears evaporated after the near fatal attack on me: Forest Rights leader, Nivada Rana

Sokalo: An Adivasi warrior who defends her people

Lobby of Corporate Interests, Bureaucrats and Mafia looting Forest Land: Roma

Rajkumari Bhuiya: Songs as her tool, FRA activist marches on

Agnes Kharshiing wins Hrant Dink Award

Bhanwari Devi: A Tale of Courage


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