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A Day in the Life of Van Gujjars Photo Feature

The Van Gujjars are a transhumance tribe of pastoralists belonging to the Himalayas. Their livelihood and subsistence depends primarily on their cattle. During summer they walk upto and beyond 12,500 ft in the mountains and trek down on the onset of winter. Ghulam Mustafa Chopra and I started our journey from Dehradun to Sakhri on…

Uttarakhand Van Gujjars face Eviction! Nomadic community of Rajaji National Park being driven out of their forests

Van Gujjars, the nomadic tribes living in Aasa Rodhi Range, Ramgarh in the Rajaji National Park (RNP) of Uttarakhand face an imminent threat of eviction that too during the monsoons! According to a statement issued by the All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP) this vulnerable community is being threatened and driven out by…

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