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The Indomitable Spirit of the Unnao Rape Survivor A Timeline of the Unnao Rape Case

A teenaged girl was allegedly raped by a powerful politician in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. When she tried to report the crime, his stooges took turns raping her over and over in a bid to keep her quite. When the police refused to help her, she went to court. The rapist and his men, then…

Death Penalty for Child Rape: Knee Jerk Reaction or Careful Political Manoeuvre? Was the Ordinance passed with an eye on elections?

Riding on the outrage generated in wake of the horrific details of minor Kathua girl becoming public, the BJP government has passed an ordinance on death penalty and other stringent punishments for people who rape minors. Not only is this a regressive step but also this move is nowhere close to yielding the desirable results. This measure is only…

Outrage spills outside Kathua and Unnao Citizens across India continue to take to the streets demanding justice

There has been an outpouring of anguish and outrage as people from across the country are coming to terms with the chilling details of the Kathua rape and murder case. The brutality inflicted on the eight year old Bakarwal girl by key accused Sanji Ram, a retired revenue official, his son Vishal Jangotra and nephew (believed to…

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