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Tinku Sheikh CJP Wednesdays

CJP Fellow Tinku Sheikh brings to us unseen images of rural Bengal CJP is proud to have Tinku as one of its grassroots fellows

CJP Grassroots fellow Tinku Sheikh used to work as a migrant worker in Mumbai until the lockdown forced him to be unemployed. During CJP’s campaign against hunger, we came in touch with him and soon enough, we were proud to include him as our Grassroots Fellow. Watch this video to take a glance at the…

Khowai Haat

Artisans near Tagore’s Shantiniketan face penury and ruin CJP grassroots fellow Ripon Sheikh speaks to artisans and small business owners

Bolpur Shantiniketan’s Khowai haat is a weekly fair, by the Khowai river, where many artisans and artists find their sources of income. CJP grassroots fellow Ripon Sheikh speaks to artists and small business owners to know the impact of lockdown on their livelihoods and how would their income be affected by the shutting down of…

CJP Wednesdays CJP Fellowship

Don’t miss out on CJP Grassroots Fellows’ stories This #CJPWednesdays let's take a look at stories documented by our Grassroots fellows

CJP grassroots fellows are bringing out stories of communities that are often ignored by the mainstream media. From protests in solidarity with farmers in Bengal to daily wage workers’ concerns, from lives of the indigenous tribes to sharing traditional music of the communities that we work with, they have been busy documenting the world around…

Swara Bhaskar CJP Fellowship

स्वरा भास्कर की अपील, एक CJP ग्रासरूट फ़ेलो को प्रायोजित करें Actress and activist Swara Bhaskar explains the significance of CJP grassroots fellowship

CJP की ग्रासरूट फैलोशिप उन समुदायों के युवा पुरुषों और महिलाओं को सक्षम बनाती है, जिनके साथ CJP के लोग काम करते हैं, ताकि वे अपने अपने समुदायों और उनसे जुड़े मुद्दों की बातें हम तक पहुंचा सकें। प्रसिद्ध अभिनेत्री और सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता स्वरा भास्कर को सुनिए, जो हमारी इस पहल का समर्थन कर रही हैं, और CJP…

Adivasi youth Mamta Pared is CJP’s newest grassroots fellow We are proud to support Mamta’s journey and welcome her as our new fellow

Meet the newest CJP grassroots fellow Mamta Pared from Palghar, Maharashtra. Daughter of brick kiln workers, Mamta struggled to complete her education while taking up household responsibilties from a very young age. But not only did she graduate from college, she is now pursuing her post graduation in mass media. An aspiring journalist, she has…

The unending plight of migrant workers in Bengal CJP Fellow Ripon Sheikh reports from Birbhum

Ripon Sheikh, a CJP fellow, travels around Birbhum, West Bengal to document the condition of those migrant workers, and their families, who have lost their sources of income amid lockdown, and forced to work on others’ fields, earning way less than they used to. The condition is so grave that kids, as young as nine…

Meet Ameer Hamza, a CJP fellow CJP 's grassroots fellowships are meant to enable young men and women document the world around them

CJP’s fellowships are meant to bring into focus young men and women from the communities we work with. Ameer Hamza, a young van Gujjar leader is now a CJP fellow. Watch him introduce himself and his community CJP Grassroots Fellowship: Meet Ripon Sheikh who documents rural Bengal

CJP Grassroots Fellowship: Meet Ripon Sheikh who documents rural Bengal CJP aims at enabling young men and women document the world around them

CJP’s fellowships are aimed at young men and women, much like Ripon Sheikh seen in this video, from the communities we work with. Migrant workers, Adivasis, forest workers and the urban poor. The fellowships would enable them to document the world around them, so that they can seek sustainable solutions for problems of their communities.…

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