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What happens if an ‘unregistered’ labourer dies suddenly? Adivasi woman dies, authorities appear apathetic towards her family

Kakdi Kakdya Potinda’s wrapped up body lay on a small cleared patch of red earth, as shocked mourners sat around, perhaps waiting for the last rites to be held. One wonders if the death of the 50-year-old Adivasi woman would ever make the news. She was not famous. She was just another worker eking out…

Rights of the Dead: Do they have any in India? Revisiting the sensitive subject in wake of the Hathras victim's rushed cremation

Soon after the death of Dr. Simon Hercules in Chennai and the subsequent brouhaha over his last rights, where he was denied a dignified funeral, CJP’s sister publication Sabrang India had delved deep into the subject of rights of the dead in India. Today, we feel the need to revisit this in wake of the…

36 Years on, Survivors of Nellie Massacre suffer in perpetuity, 40% out of NRC CJP’s Assam State Co-ordinator, Zamser Ali reports from Nellie

CJP’s Team Assam received information that a large chunk of people in the village of Borbari—where the Nellie Massacre took place in 1983—have been excluded from the final NRC list; about 150 persons have been declared Indian in this village, but most of them (about 90%) of their names have not been included in the…

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