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Fazar Ali Hindi TN

आत्महत्या की कोशिश, डिटेन्शन कैम्प से रिहाई फ़ज़र अली की कहानी

जब फज़र अली को अचानक पता चला कि उसे विदेश घोषित कर दिया गया है तो वह हताश होकर ब्रह्मपुत्र में कूद पड़ा. आत्महत्या के प्रयास से किसी तरह बच तो गया, मगर जेल से नहीं! फज़र अली दो साल से गोआलपाड़ा डिटेंशन कैम्प में क़ैद था. जिसे CJP की मदद से रिहाई मिली, वह…

Sona Khatun released

डिटेन्शन कैम्प में बंद एक महिला के परिवार की तलाश का अद्भुत सफ़र सोना ख़ातून 5 साल 11 महीने 29 दिन कोकराझार डिटेंशन कैंप में क़ैद थी

CJP की असम टीम ने सोना ख़ातून के परिवार की तलाश में क़रीब एक साल बिताए, सोना ख़ातून 5 साल 11 महीने 29 दिन असम के कोकराझार डिटेंशन कैंप में सलाखों के पीछे क़ैद थी. टीम CJP ने उन्हें डिटेंशन कैंप से छुड़ाने में मदद की. यह एक असहाय नागरिक को बचाने में मदद करने…

Fazar Ali

CJP comes to the aid of man who survived suicide but spent two years in detention camp Fazar Ali reunites with his family after two years

Two years ago, Fazar Ali tried to take his own life by jumping into the Brahmaputra when he found out that he had been declared a foreigner in Assam. He survived but spent the next two years in the Goalpara detention camp. Now, with CJP’s help, he’s returned home to his wife and met his…

Assam Poster Stories

Stories of real People fighting the Citizenship Crisis in Assam Artistically designed posters describing the plight of people battling the citizenship crisis

Watch: Behind each of these artistically designed posters is a real person, facing the very real challenge of having to prove their citizenship to a cynical State. CJP has been assisting them in every way possible, but for our efforts to reach more of those affected, we need you. Help us help Assam. Please donate…

Sona Khatun

Detention Camp: The incredible journey to find a woman’s family in Assam Team CJP's relentless efforts to help Sona Khatun find freedom and justice

Watch: The Assam team of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) spent nearly a year looking for the family of Sona Khatun, who has been languishing behind bars in Assam’s Kokrajhar detention camp for five years. Here’s the remarkable journey of our team’s relentless efforts to help rescue a helpless citizen so that she finds…

detention camp animation

सीजेपी डिटेंशन कैंप से क़ैदियों को कैसे रिहा करवाती है? सीजेपी द्वारा डिटेंशन कैंप से क़ैदियों को रिहा करवाने के प्रक्रम की ऐनिमेटेड गाइड

सीजेपी ने अब तक असम के 4 डिटेंशन कैंपों के 41 कैदियों को सशर्त जमानत पर रिहा करवाया है. यह सुप्रीम कोर्ट के दो फैसलों के अनुरूप है. इस कार्य को पूरा करने के लिए, सीजेपी ने सभी कानूनी और ब्यूरोक्रेटिक प्रक्रियाओं और तरीकों का पालन किया. हमने यह कैसे किया, इसे एक ग्राफिक एनीमेशन…

4 detainees released

Joyful tears and lingering questions: Four inmates released from Assam Detention Camps 41 detainees have returned home till now upon CJP’s direct intervention

From a Dalit woman in her sixties to a mother snatched away from her children. From a Bengali Hindu man unable to navigate the complex legal procedures to a father separated from his daughter. Here’s how CJP’s team in Assam secured release of four detainees lodged at different detention camps in Assam, after completing all…

Amala Das

CJP helps release woman from detention camp months after her husband’s death Amala Das was jailed in Assam's Detention Camp since 2017

Watch Amala Das’ journey from the detention camp to her home in Chirang, where she spent forty years with her husband Gopesh Das. Gopesh died in December 2020 after losing all hope of getting his wife out of the detention camp. CJP worked for three months, amid COVID-19 surge, and secured Amala’s release on bail.…

Gopal Mondal Abdul Sheikh

Victory! Two more inmates released from Assam detention camp with CJP’s help They were languishing in the Goalpara Detention Camp for two years

CJP helps two men, hailing from economically weak backgrounds, secure release on bail from Goalpara detention camp in Assam. Despite facing challenges due to Covid surge, lockdown, curfew and in the middle of heavy rainfall and an earthquake, team CJP completed all formalities to help these two men so that they can return to their…

Shanti Basfore

CJP reaches out to the family of Dalit woman in Assam’s detention camp CJP will continue to help more hapless citizens like her

60 year old Shanti Basfore, who belongs to a small Dalit Community in Assam, has been jailed in the Kokrajhar Detention camp since May 2019. Even though she had all valid documents, poverty and lack of education made her fail to appear before the Foreigners’ Tribunals, when she was sent a Notice. She was then…

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