Joyful tears and lingering questions: Four inmates released from Assam Detention Camps 41 detainees have returned home till now upon CJP’s direct intervention

07, Jun 2021 | CJP Team

From a Dalit woman in her sixties to a mother snatched away from her children. From a Bengali Hindu man unable to navigate the complex legal procedures to a father separated from his daughter.

Here’s how CJP’s team in Assam secured release of four detainees lodged at different detention camps in Assam, after completing all paperwork and formalities.

We need your continued support to help people like them fight the citizenship crisis in Assam.


CJP helping a daughter secure her mother’s release from Assam detention camp

Abba, they took away Maa: CJP reunites a mother snatched away from her children in Assam

Mission continues, CJP helps Dalit woman walk out of Assam Detention Camp


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