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Assam is on the boil yet again. While the decades old systems of detection and detention of ‘foreigners’ – the ‘D-voters’, Foreigner Tribunals and Detention camps are largely seen to be unfair, the people of Assam had reposed some hope in the free and fair compilation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). This was widely expected to put an end to the burning question of ‘foreigners’ in Assam. But now, even this process has come under a cloud of suspicion due to a number of recent developments. In the light of these events, Citizens for Justice and Peace had sent a fact finding team to Assam to understand what exactly is happening. Here, for the first time, we present the many tales, some tragic, some farcical and most overwhelmingly unjust that together give us an insight into the crisis that Assam finds itself in.

Citizenship Dilemma in Assam
CJP delegation in Bijni Assam

Citizens for Assam: A Quest for Hope and Justice CJP takes delegation of eminent lawyers and senior journalists to Assam

On June 26, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) authority released an additional list of over one lakh names of people excluded from the NRC. The following day CJP took a delegation of senior lawyers and journalists to Assam to assess ground realities as well as devise a strategy to help genuine Indian citizens, especially…

CJP work tirelessly in Assam

CJP in Action: As the election rages on, volunteers work tirelessly in Assam CJP volunteers continue to help those affected by Assam’s NRC

Even as the rest of India is busy with the Lok Sabha elections, a handful of people in Assam are focused on a more pressing issue. They are more politically aware and active than many others, but have had no time this election season. This group of people comprises Volunteer Motivators (VMs) and Community Volunteers–a…

चाय वाले की माँ असम में 'विदेशी' घोषित एक बंगाली हिन्दू अचानक डिटेनशन कैंप में मृत पाया गया

आज देश भर के अखबार अक्सर एक चाय वाले के बारे में खबरें छापते हैं. कभी कभी उसी चाय वाले की वृद्ध माँ की भी तसवीरें छपतीं हैं. असम प्रदेश अपने चाय के बागानों के लिए विश्वप्रसिद्ध है. आज चलिए आपका परिचय करवाते हैं असम के एक चाय वाले की माँ से… एक ऐसी माँ…

EXCLUSIVE: NRC update derails Saffron Agenda as lakhs of Hindus excluded from final draft Higher Rate of Exclusion from NRC in Bengali Hindu dominated Districts of Assam

Assam has 33 Districts presently, of which 10 districts have a more than 50% Muslim population. However, other than Darrang, all other, nine, Muslim dominated districts of Assam are seeing lower percentage drop rates from the NRC draft list as compared to other Districts with a lesser Muslim population… This overall situation has created trepidation,…

Gauhati HC Upholds NRC Coordinator's order

Gauhati HC Upholds NRC Coordinator’s order on siblings and family members of Declared Foreigners Analysis of order dated June 22, 2018

Point of Discussion: The petition has been raised by an aggrieved brother of a Declared Foreigner and seeks to establish the unconstitutionality of such a notification in the light of S.2(3) and S.3(2) of the Schedule to the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. Conclusion: The High Court upheld…

Gauhati HC order on Siblings and family members of Declared Foreigners

Gauhati HC order on Siblings and family members of Declared Foreigners Analysis of Order dated May 2, 2017

Point Under Discussion: The discussion centers on the citizenship status of the brothers, sisters and other family relatives of Declared Foreigners and their consequent inclusion in the NRC list. Conclusion: According to the existent statutory provisions, namely the Foreigners’ Act, 1946, read with the Foreigners’ (Tribunal) Order, 1964, the Superintendent of Police has to make…

The Curious Case of Syamlal Ali The Making and Re-Making of Indians as Citizens in Assam: A CJP Series

In yet another example of the heartlessness with which the system operates in Assam, the father of a new born baby has been unable to even hold his son, because he is locked up in a detention camp. This man Abul Hayet was declared a ‘foreigner’ because Election Commission officials recorded his grandfather Saman Malik’s…

An Open Letter to Indians on NRC in Assam Eminent intellectual Dr. Hiren Gohain explains the need for NRC and lays bare the politics

We in Assam feel acutely that some stakeholders in the dispute are getting looked at from the wrong end of the telescope. They are being reviled as brutal chauvinists and what not. Some might fit that description, not everybody. Does anybody care that people here who are indigenes also have a serious problem with the…

Gauhati HC Upholds NRC Coordinator's order

क्या NRC के अंतिम मसौदे से बाहर हुए 40 लाख लोगों के लिए अब भी कोई उम्मीद बची है ? दावा आपत्ति 28 सितम्बर तक दर्ज कराइ जा सकती है

असम में राष्ट्रीय नागरिक रजिस्टर (NRC) का अंतिम मसौदा 30 जुलाई 2018 को जारी किया गया था. 40 लाख लोग ऐसे हैं जिन्हें इस अंतिम सूची में जगह नहीं मिल पाई. गृहमंत्री राजनाथ सिंह ने कहा है कि 30 जुलाई को प्रकाशित नामों की ये सूची केवल एक मसौदा है, ये अंतिम निर्णय नहीं है. असम के…

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