Citizen Interrupted

Assam is on the boil yet again. While the decades old systems of detection and detention of ‘foreigners’ – the ‘D-voters’, Foreigner Tribunals and Detention camps are largely seen to be unfair, the people of Assam had reposed some hope in the free and fair compilation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). This was widely expected to put an end to the burning question of ‘foreigners’ in Assam. But now, even this process has come under a cloud of suspicion due to a number of recent developments. In the light of these events, Citizens for Justice and Peace had sent a fact finding team to Assam to understand what exactly is happening. Here, for the first time, we present the many tales, some tragic, some farcical and most overwhelmingly unjust that together give us an insight into the crisis that Assam finds itself in.

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Nafrat Ka Naqsha 2023