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Fighting the Good Fight From the Secretary's Desk

It’s been a nearly 17 year old journey. That began with a determination to negotiate our courts after the hate filled fires that lit Gujarat in 2002. The experience was both unique and challenging, its insights strengthening our resolve to use the learning to forge ahead, within the field of human rights protection, expand and…

justice in the Naroda Patiya Massacre

CJP fights for justice in the Naroda Patiya Massacre Punctures Prevalent Culture of Impunity

For 16 long years, CJP has stood by its credo, to assist the eye-witness survivors of the genocidal carnage in Gujarat in 2002, get justice and reparation. We have battled within the Courts, stood by the Survivors in their quest for justice and achieved milestones. In the process we have also been victimised by an…

CJP activities report

Summary of the CJP’s activities between April 2002 and October 2003: Relief and Rehabilitation: Compared to most NGOs engaged in Relief and Rehabilitation work after the Gujarat violence, CJP’s own contribution can be said to be quite modest: approximately Rs.11 lakhs so far. But we are happy that because we dragged the Narendra Modi Government to the Gujarat High Court…

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