CJP continues building grassroots movement against NRC-NPR and CAA CJP is urging citizens to defend the constitution from communalism

18, Dec 2019 | CJP Team

CJP is helping build a peaceful grassroots movement against NRC, CAA and NPR . We are urging citizens to stand up for their rights and to defend the Constitution of India from this communal onslaught.

Join us. Be a part of our journey.


CJP works towards release of detainees in Assam

CJP in action in Assam: Reaching remote villages to render counselling and aid

CJP trains paralegals to help Indians defend their citizenship

CJP reaches out to a declared foreigner whose brothers declared citizens

All India NRC: CJP reaches out to the women of Mumbra

Assam man forced to rot in Detention Camp for over 3 years


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