Suresh Chavhanke demonises Muslims, coaxes Muslim girls to marry Hindus: Sangamner, Maharashtra Incidents of stone pelting reported after the rally

07, Jun 2023 | CJP Team

Suresh Chavhanke and his persistent diatribe against the minorities continued in Maharashtra as he gave another speech in Sangamner, Ahmednagar. The speech was made at an event organised by the notorious Sakal Hindu Samaj that keeps inviting hate offenders to make speeches at their rallies. 

Chavhanke, the editor of Sudarshan News, had been preparing for this particular event since the time he was in Delhi (before June 5) and he even posted a video about it from Red fort where he said that he was going to Sangamner to stop the “Islamification” of the city. “The state of affairs in Sangamner is quite bad because the city is turning “green”, there is Love jihad happening against Hindu girls and Hindus are walking in fear on the streets”.

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After reaching Sangamner, on June 5 he posted another video where he said,

“I have seen some WhatsApp forwards saying that we do not have police permission for our rally. But this is a rumour. Basically we do not need permission for such events. When they molest our sisters, they do not take permission. So we do not need permission to speak up against this. The morcha will happen at any cost”.

On his Twitter account he even posted a video of the rally showing people had gathered in large numbers for the rally:

At the rally he made a speech, snippet of which is being transcribed here:

“I will tell Muslim girls what are the benefits of marrying a Hindu man. First, you will not have to live with 3 mistresses of your husband. You won’t have to become a baby making factory. There will no hum char hamare chawalees (There will be no ‘four of us and our 44 children”), you will only have to bear 4 children. Third benefit, the children you give birth to will not have to undergo any kaat-chaat (circumcision/genital mutilation). Fourth, you will be protected from male members of the family, no one will touch you.” He said we treat our female relatives with respect, like daughters, sisters and mothers.

“Fifth benefit, in 48 degree temperature, you will not have to wear a burqa. A Hindu husband won’t be able to leave you by just saying Talaq Talaq Talaq.  You will get a proper share in your husband’s property,” he continued.

“Ever since I have shown the benefits of marrying Hindu men, 10 lakh Muslim women have married Hindu men,” he claimed.

There are also some other videos accompanying this speech of Chavhanke where a mob wearing saffron caps and carrying saffron flags are seen creating ruckus outside an eatery called ‘Hotel Lucky’ and pelting stones at it.  The mob was also seen raising slogans ‘Jai Bhawani, Jai Shivaji’. This video was posted by journalist Sadaf Afreen on her twitter account.

Along with that she also posted a video which was taken after the mob vandalised the eatery and a police personnel was examining the spot. In the video it can be seen how packets of food were skewed on the floor and the place was ransacked.

In another video an unruly mob was seen pelting stones. However, it cannot be confirmed that the video is from Sangamner as it was shot by someone stealthily from the rooftop. However, it can be seen in the video that a couple of police personnel are trying to control the crowd of some 20 men who dared pelt stones even when the policeman was standing right in front of him.


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