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Op-eds by CJP core team in other publications.

A Candle for Ankit ... and his lost love and a flickering secularism. A worrying silence echoes in the public sphere.

It was an act of violence and terror, albeit of a critically different kind. When 23-year-old Ankit Saxena’s throat was slit after an altercation with the family members of his childhood sweetheart a few days ago, while the usual suspects of the BJP, Manoj Tiwari, and the Bajrang Dal swung into pre-scripted, hate-driven action, a…

Gory Winter: Bombay Riots of 1992-93 Frontline

ombay in December 1992-January 93 was Hindu Rashtra in action. By TEESTA SETALVAD THE fault lines were sharp and deep in that December of 1992 when for nine days theurbs prima of India, hailed for its cosmopolitanism, saw this veneer shredded. Painfully. All of December, including the week of Christmas and New Year celebrations, public temper…

The Importance of the Zakia Jafri Petition Economic and Political Weekly

It is not often that the battle against aggressive communalism, the sustained mobilization that precedes brute and targeted violence and includes hate speech and hate writing, the deliberate debilitation and paralysis of preventive and pro active measures of law and order that minimize the spread of reprisal violence and protect lives and properties, gets sustained…

The end of impunity The Indian Express

It was not simply the number of lives lost, though the number, perhaps 2,500,— is not insignificant. The struggle of man (or woman) against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting. — Milan Kundera It was not simply the number of lives lost, though the number, perhaps 2,500 — is not insignificant. It was…

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