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Rs 1,00,786 bounty on mufti who called Shiva `messenger of Islam’

24, Feb 2015

Bareilly:Muslim cleric and leader of the Jamiat Ulema Hind, Mufti Mohammad Ilyas Qasmi, had referred to Lord Shiva as the “first messenger of Islam“ in Ayodhya on Thursday , asserting that Indian Muslims were followers of the Sanathan Dharma.Now, the Bareilly-based All India Faizan-e-Madina Council, a socio-political group, has announced a bounty of Rs 1,00,786 on his head.
The `national president’ of the outfit, Mooen Siddiqui Noori, on Monday said the cash award would be given only to a Muslim. An “Islamic“ sword would also be presented to the killer. Qasmi, long known as a champion of communal amity in Ayodhya, has also said that Muslims should not be averse to being called Hindus, for the people of China were called Chinese, and the people of Japan, Japanese.


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