Ripon is transforming lives in Rural Bengal Here's how the CJP grassroots fellow is helping those in need

22, Jun 2023 | CJPINDIA

Migrant workers distressed over repeated challenges, Local artisans losing their trade, farmers losing sleep over drought, flood and loan-sharks, death of age-old-traditions putting livelihoods of artists and craftsmen at risk, women and children facing constant hurdles because of the lack of awareness and opportunities. CJP grassroots Fellow Ripon Sheikh goes above and beyond the call of duty to engage and bring out the stories of people like these, in rural Bengal, who are constantly neglected by the system.

From providing relief, and documenting their lives to working on the ground to make their lives better, Ripon is leaving no stone unturned to fight for their rights.

Contribute here to CJP grassroots fellowship to support our fellows like Ripon Sheikh.


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