Rightscast: How a disabled woman in Assam defended her citizenship Episode 15 of CJP's Podcast Series RightsCast

23, Nov 2022 | CJP Team

For 13 years, Mamotaz Begum had been living under the fear of being declared a ‘foreigner’ and sent to a detention camp. Differently abled and mired in poverty, the accusation of being a foreigner was simply too great for her to bear and it was a lonely fight until CJP found out about her plight in March 2022.
How did we get her the justice that she deserved?
How did she become a declared Indian by law?
Listen to this podcast to know the story of Goalpara’s Mamotaz Begum.
Donate Now – to help countless citizens like Mamotaz battling the citizenship crisis in Assam: https://cjp.org.in/defend-citizenship-of-indians-in-assam/




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