Right wing now dictates to Muslim vendors: Muslim names only! They caught hold of a juice seller in Delhi at a shop with Hindu name

17, May 2023 | CJP Team

Asking Muslim vendors or businesses to conduct business under their own name indicates their religious identity and this will be the latest tool to aid the economic boycott of the Muslim community.

The Indian right wing has always been fiercely inventive on how to find new ways of pushing the Muslim community towards economic marginalisation, to make their financial situation worse. While calling for economic boycott on mics while delivering hate speech has been pretty common, instances of people taking oath of only  buying from Hindus, to name their businesses by Hindu names so they are easy to recognise, banning non-Hindu traders/vendors from temple fairs/religious events are some of them.

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Bajrang Dal members roaming the streets of Delhi have now been caught threatening a fresh fruit juice seller; this  can be seen in a video posted today. They found that the person making and selling the juice belonged to the Muslim community but the name of the shop was “Raju Juice Centre”. They called upon the owner of the shop and this is how the conversation goes:

BD: You must be the owner and have given  the space on rent (to him). Then why have you not kept his name as the shop’s name

Owner: Shop is mine so the name is Raju

BD: But he is receiving the proceeds of the sales

Owner: I/you can name the shop anything. What’s the problem in that?

BD: No, no

Owner: Ok I will change it

BD: Let him keep his name whoever is the tenant. Don’t keep a Hindu name. It confuses people. They do ‘Thook Jihad’ (Spitting). We got another shop’s name also changed. If a Muslim is selling juice then his name should be on the shop.

Owner: OK I will change it but I would rather ask him to vacate

BD: You either vacate it or get the name changed, it’s up to you

Owner: if I ask him to vacate (for this reason) I would be taking his livelihood away


BD: Then give it on rent to a Hindu. There are videos everywhere they spit in food, urinate etc. We don’t know what kind of medicines of impotency he is mixing, we don’t know. If someone is Muslim they will buy from him if he keeps it in his own name

Owner: There are thousands of shops, you don’t know by whose name they are

BD: We are going around checking that (and making people change names)

The video of the conversation may be viewed here:

This is the latest manifestation of organised hate that has political sanction from the very top. Elected officials of state and central governments rarely speak up against this, nor take steps to guard the right to do business, equality and non-discrimination. That is where India stands today.


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