Reports of goons forcing Muslim youth to say Jai Sri Ram in Mumbai, Maharashtra In addition, these goons allegedly also molested a minor 15-year-old girl

31, Jan 2024 | CJP Team

As Mumbai’s Mira Road recovers from incidents of communal tension, worrying news of isolated incidents of violence repeatedly stem from the city. In Byculla recently, two Muslim youth were assaulted and forced to chant Jai Sri Ram, according to video footage of the survivors posted on the page Hate Detectors on the social networking site, X (formerly Twitter). The video from the scene of crime reportedly shows the two young men on a road injured and bleeding from their face and clearly in shock as they try to articulate what happened at the incident. The post also alleged that women present at the incident were also misbehaved with. 

Earlier, on January 22nd, one Muslim man was forced off his bike and made to chant Jai Sri Ram in Mumbai near Mira Road. According to the video, the injured have been taken to the hospital. 

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Former MLA from Byculla, AIMIM’s Waris Pathan has also shared a video of the incident. In the post on X, he has reportedly also shared a young girl was also molested by these goons at the incident and she is reportedly a minor of 15 years. He shared that MIM’s associated had taken the injured to the hospital after they helped diffuse the situation. Pathan has blamed provocative speeches given by BJP leaders. He has urged the Police Commissioner and Chief Minister of Maharashtra to take the issue seriously. 

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