Pravin Togadia’s Hate Speech selling like hot cakes in Madhya Pradesh Eight hate speech incidents reported in the state so far this month

19, May 2023 | CJP Team

Pravin Togadia, President of ‘Antar Rashtriya Hindu Parishad’, is on a hate speech spree in Madhya Pradesh. In May itself, he continued with his hateful diatribe in the state Itarsi, Mandideep, Amla, Malwa and Jhabua. We have already reported on the incidents in Itarsi, Mandideep, Amla.

On Tuesday, Togadia spoke at a meeting organised by Antar Rashtriya Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. Here are the excerpts from his speech:

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“Even if you spell the name of a Hindu girl, we will not spare you… For the safety of women, make a law against love jihad. Make a law to curb the growing population of Muslims. People are watching ‘The Kerala Story. But is even one person talking about bringing anti-love jihad law? You are just marketing humiliation of Hindu women. We do not want a marketing person, we want someone who will break an eye for an eye. Is our daughter Nupur Sharma able to leave her house? Has Indian become Afghanistan? A Hindu daughter is restrained in her house. How do have the audacity to behead Kanhaiya? How dare you cut up Shraddha in 35 pieces? How did you kill Umesh Kolhe in Amravati, Maharashtra?”

He blamed the killing of Harsh and Pravin in Karnataka for the defeat of BJP. According to him, if the government could not protect them then how will the public trust the government?

“Even today Hindu is in danger. In the coming 50 years, the growing Muslim population will turn this country into Afghanistan. By their growing population, no Hindu home will be safe. No Congressi or BJP person will be spared.”

“Wherever Muslims reigned, their reign never ended.”

“2,000 years ago there was no Christianity. There were no Christians then. Who were they? (Audience says ‘Hindu’). There was no Islam 1,400 years ago. Who were they then? Hindus.” Since the creation of the universe until Mahabharat. All people on this planet were Hindus. In England, Europe, Mecca Madina, everywhere there were Hindus. What happened to them? They were all killed. Over 500 crore Hindus have been killed in 2,000 years. Out of those who were cowards got converted. Today whatever religious conversions you see are all cowards.”

A video has surfaced today from Jhabua, where at Choyal Hospital, Togadia addressed some people, where he repeated the same trope about how there were no Christians/Muslim 2,000 years ago and all were Hindus. He further said, “In Riyadh, last year when it rained a lot, they found a small town where a 6,000 years old Shivling was found. I won’t go into evidence. I just want to tell you there were Hindus everywhere. Over 500 crore Hindus have been killed in 2,000 years. Out of those who were cowards got converted.”

“My ancestors were rulers in Arabistan before Islam came.”

“My estimate is that 50 years later no Hindu will be left in this country”.

Hate speech in MP by others

On May 6, a video was reported by @HIndutvaWatch on Twitter which was from Mahakoshal where a far-right leader at a meeting of Bajrang Dal and VHP, said, “Have you heard of a reading of Quran being organised where they call all people irrespective of their religion and give prasad in the end? Because whatever is written in the Quran is sinful. It is written there how humans should destroy other humans… Similarly, there is no such reading of Bibles. All their ancestors are Hindus. You will not find even one person who has read the Quran and got inclined towards Islam”.

On May 13, a video was reported from Mandsaur of a VHP leader “In the 700-year reign of Muslims, we kept half of our army to protect our sisters and mothers because the enemy at that time (Muslims), who is our enemy even today, they had their eyes on them (women). The next war will be so grand that every Hindu will have to fight. Hence, we are conducting these trainings to prepare Hindus”.


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