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Order on curbs on workplace attendance, transport and mass gatherings Issued by the Department of Revenue and Forest, Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation, Government of Maharashtra on April 21, 2021

21, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

In a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the state, the Government of Maharashtrais bringing in stricter provisions with respect to the number of employees permitted to be present in a workplace at a time. 

According to this order, the attendance of persons working in Government offices and those permitted to function as per the order dated April 13, 2021 shall be only up to 15%. For office workers required for delivering essential services, the cap is at 50%, however for on-ground workers who are actually supplying the essential service, attendance may be extended to 100%.

The order also mandates that marriage functions not last more than two hours, and be conducted only in the presence of up to 25 attendees. Failure to ensure Covid appropriate behaviour will attract a fine of Rs. 50,000/- for the organisers. 

Private passenger vehicles can ply for emergencies or essential services with occupancy of not more than 50% of the seating capacity. Inter-district/Inter-city transport shall be permitted only if there is a grave emergency or while performing an essential service. Flouting the aforesaid would attract a fine of Rs. 10,000/-. Private Buses are obliged to operate with only 50% of their seating capacity with no standing passengers, and the ones travelling either inter-district/ intra-district shall be required to undergo home quarantine of 14 days – they would be stamped on the hand by the bus service operator. Thermal scanners are to be utilised for checking the travellers and those showcasing symptoms are to be moved to hospitals/Covid Care centres. Local DMA  may conduct an RAT at the alighting points, the prices for which may be required to be borne by the passengers. Operators could be held liable to pay a sum of Rs. 10,000/- for acting in violation of the aforesaid norms.

While only Government Officers, Medical Personnel and those requiring some form of medical treatment (differently-abled people etc.) are permitted to utilise local trains, metro trains and mono-rails, public buses owned by the State/Local Government shall operate at not more than 50% of its capacity with no standing passengers. Persons travelling inter-city or inter-district through such public buses and trains may be tested through RAT upon alighting and would be expected to undergo a 14 day quarantine period. 

While the other elements mentioned in the Order dated April 13, 2021, continue to operate, it appears that the Government of Maharashtra is reluctant to declare a complete lockdown perhaps bearing in mind its impact on the poorest of the poor and migrant workers who suffered the brunt of last year’s lockdown. 

The entire order may be read here:


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