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No more conversion by 2020: affiliate sets target

17, Aug 2015

The meeting saw a PowerPoint presentation that compared the growth rates of Muslims and Christians with that of Hindus.
New Delhi Published:Aug 17, 2015, 4:00
Dharm Jagran Samanway Samtiti, an RSS affiliate, has resolved to stop conversion by 2020 and continue ghar wapsi (reconversion) so that the Hindu population increases by the next census in 2021.
DJRS has pledged to reach in the next five years all areas that have seen people being converted, particularly to Christianity. This target was given to all DJRS state chiefs at a meeting in Mumbai from August 7 to 9, sources said.
The sources quoted their national chief Mukund Rao Pansikar as saying that “we must fulfil our target of stopping all type of conversion activities and increasing efforts of ghar wapsi by 2020.” Pansikar could not be contacted by The Indian Express.
The sources said many of the 100-odd delegates at the meeting expressed the view that ghar wapsi is more difficult in Muslim-dominated areas than it is among Christians, hence the focus on the latter areas. Also, they felt, most of those converted are from the lower castes and acceptability would not be a problem if they are “reconverted”.


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