Muslims can live in India but they have to give up eating beef: Haryana CM

17, Oct 2015

Oct 16, 2015, Agencies:
Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar sparked a controversy by stating that Muslims can continue to live in India, but they have to give up eating beef as cow is an article of faith.
Describing the Dadri incident as an outcome of misunderstanding, he claimed that the victim had made some hurtful comments about cows which angered the mob and made them take such a step, reports Indian Express.
However, he further said that any person who commits an offense should be punished as per the law of the country.
“Freedom of one person is only to the extent that it is not hurting another person,” he said.
“Eating beef hurts the sentiments of another community, even constitutionally you cannot do this,” he added.
The CM made these remarks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his silence over the Dadri incident.


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