Muslim women seen with Hindu men heckled, harassed Three such incidents have been reported

28, Apr 2023 | CJP Team

Fundamentalists exist in every religion. This was evident from three incidents reported from Aurangabad in Maharashtra and Moradabad and Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

Two videos surfaced on April 27; the one from Aurangabad was disturbing to watch as young boys were seen pulling and grabbing a girl wearing a scarf. They snatched her phone and were saying that they will call her parents, while also abusing her. She was dragged away from the place and was screaming. She was allegedly being manhandled for strolling around Bibi Ka Maqbara with her non-Muslim male friends. 3 men have been detained by Aurangabad Police and Begampura police was to register the complaint since she and her parents refused to file a complaint on their own accord.

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Another video was of a burqa-clad woman sitting in a rickshaw being harassed by some men, allegedly since she was seen with a non-Muslim man. She was being heckled and abused for roaming around with a man and for wearing lipstick as well. The men were heard saying, “we have caught you red handed and your boyfriend as well.” In the video at least, the woman appeared fearless and was arguing with her harassers. It is being alleged that it was men from her own community heckling and troubling her.

In Meerut, a Hindu boy was beaten up on the day of Eid after being seen with a Muslim girl. In a video of the incident, the girl was questioned about her religion and confirmed that she, along with another female friend, was Muslim. The man verbally abused them, accusing them of tarnishing the name of Muslims and using vulgar language. Someone in the crowd then suggested that they be beaten. The Hindu boy attempted to explain to the mob that they were just sitting together, but was then asked about the nature of their relationship. The crowd proceeded to physically assault him.


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