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08, May 2017


Press Release
November 28, 2008 


Strong Condemnation of
Terror Attacks


There are no words that can condemn
strongly enough the vicious terror attack on Mumbai, its residents
and guests from all over the world. The ruthless attack is an
attack on the soul of India and Mumbai, a country and people who
have always been hospitable to people from all over the world.


We not only condemn this attack. We
deeply mourn the loss of our finest policemen, chiefs and
constable, who bear the brunt of vicious political vendetta when
they carry out their duty.


India needs to stand united in the
face of such an attack. Politicians of all hues and political
parties with different affiliations must be compelled to implement
structural and qualitative police reforms that have been
repeatedly recommend by National Police Commission Reports since
1981 until 1989.


Terrorism and violence of all kinds
needs to be meticulously dealt with. Our investigative and
intelligence wings must be freed of political pressures and
compulsions. There must be a depolarized and decommunalized
discourse on terror. We need the immediate implementation of
reforms in Indian Intelligence and the Indian Police Force.


Javed Akhtar

Rahul Bose

Shabana Azmi

Javed Anand

Teesta Setalvad

Alyque Padamsee

I M Kadri

Cyrus Guzder

Arvind Krishnaswamy



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