MLA Kapil Mishra spews venom against Islam in video Join CJP's campaign against #HateFreeElections

05, Apr 2019 | CJP Team

On April 4, 2019, Kapil Sharma, MLA from the Karawal Nagar constituency in the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi, tweeted a violence-inducing post, addressed to Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Misrepresenting the Islamic flag (moon and stars on a green background) with that which represents the state of Pakistan, Kapil Mishra tweeted, “Those who broke down the temples at Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura and Somnath carried this flag. Those who killed the Sikh Gurus also carried this flag. All terrorists, anywhere, swear by this flag.”

#HateFreeElections is CJP’s campaign to monitor the public discourse for hate speech during the 2019 elections. This is also a part of our broader Hate Watch campaign. You can take action against hate too, by sending us reports of instances of hate using our Hate Hatao app, and donating to support our efforts.

His original tweet said, “Dear RahulGandhi – अयोध्या, मथुरा, काशी, सोमनाथ तोड़ने वालो के हाथ मे चाँद सितारा झंडा था सिख गुरुओं के हत्यारों के हाथ में यहींझंडा था भारत विभाजन करने वालों के हाथ में यहीं झंडा था आतंकवादी इसी झण्डे की कसम खाते हैं इस झंडे को भारत की राजनीति से दूररखो”

Mishra won the elections by a margin of 44431 votes. He took his oath in Sanskrit. He was removed from the position of Water Resource Minister in the Aam Admi Party government.

In February, following the Pulwama terror attack that left 40 CRPF jawans dead, Mishra also posted a series of hate-filled tweets, one of which called for the destruction of the “wombs that give birth to terrorists”.



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