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Migrant Diaries


#CJPWednesdays We achieved so much together because of YOU CJP 's work in 2020


Rajib Alam appeals for his right to vote CJP's #LetMigrantsVote Campaign

मायग्रंट डायरीज: लक्ष्मण प्रसाद झारखंड के लक्ष्मण प्रसाद कहते हैं, “गांव पहुंच कर मैं बहुत खुश हूं, खाने के लिए अब लाइन में नहीं लगना पड़ेगा.”

मायग्रंट डायरीज: मुन्ना शेख लॉकडाउन के दौरान ट्रेन से 62 घंटे में मुंबई से कटिहार पहुंचे प्रवासी कामगार ने कहा, "उम्मीद है बिहार सरकार कुछ पैसा और राशन दे ताकि हम जिंदा रह सकें."

Migrant Diaries: Zia ul Sheikh “I am scared to return to Mumbai because you never know what will happen next,” a goldsmith from West Bengal hopes he can find work in his home state

Migrant Diaries: Atiur Rehman “Not a penny in my pocket for three months, not a grain in my belly for three days before CJP helped me,” recalls a migrant worker from West Bengal

Migrant Diaries: Makar Behera “I didn’t go back home because I was scared of getting Covid-19 in the village quarantine centre,” says a skilled mason from Odisha who chose to stay on in Mumbai

मायग्रंट डायरीज : गणेश यादव “एक बार मुंबई रहने लायक सुरक्षित हो जाए, तो मैं फिर इसकी ओर रुख करूंगा,” कहते हैं मधुबनी जिले के रसोइए जिनको बिहार में कोई आर्थिक भविष्य नहीं दिखता

Migrant Diaries: Sagar Ali “Health facilities are terrible in Birbhum. At least in Mumbai, if I fall ill, I can go to the nearby government hospital,” says a labourer who feels his young family is safer in the city

Migrant Diaries: Mohammed Jamaluddin “We took a bus, then rode in a truck, then walked, then boarded another truck, and were heckled by officials at each checkpost,” a mason recalls his hellish journey from Mumbai to Birbhum

Migrant Diaries: Abul Hasan Mirza “I'll invite you home for a meal soon. We want to thank you,” says an optimistic construction supervisor who shared the rations he got with his team

Migrant Diaries: Laxman Prasad “I am glad that I have reached my village, and we do not need to beg in front of anyone for food,” says the Mumbai loving auto driver who hails from Jharkhand

Migrant Diaries: Munna Sheikh “It took us over 62 hours of a hellish train ride to reach home. I hope the Bihar government gives us money,” says a labourer wondering how else would his family survive

পরিযায়ীদের কথা : টিঙ্কু শেখ "অভাব না থাকলে, আমরা আমাদের জন্মভূমি ছেড়ে কেন গেলাম ?" পরিযায়ী শ্রমিক জিজ্ঞেস করলেন।

Migrant Diaries: Ganesh Yadav “How long will our relatives feed us? I will soon have to come back to Mumbai to earn,” says a cook from Madhubani would prefer to work in Bihar, but he doesn't have a choice

मायग्रंट डायरीज: टिंकू शेख  “तशी गरज नसती तर आम्ही आमचं जन्माचं गाव सोडलं असतं का”, पश्चिम बंगालमधील स्थलांतरित मजूराचा प्रश्न.

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