Meat in Akhlaq fridge was mutton, not beef

09, Oct 2015

Oct 09 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Purusharth Aradhak
Dadri (UP):
Mohammed Akhlaq’s family had insisted all along that there was no beef in the house. And now a forensic test has proved precisely that: the meat that the mob found in Akhlaq’s fridge, and which they claimed was the proof they needed to lynch him, was mutton, not beef.
On the night of September 28, cops had collected a sample of the meat and sent it to a vet for initial tests. These tests said it was mutton, but the police chose to be doubly sure and sent the sample to a Mathura lab, which also confirmed it was mutton.The police need not have sent the meat for any test, because whether it was mutton or beef had little bearing on the crime.In fact, there was no mention of beef in the FIR the police filed.


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