Joint Committee Report on the Scheduled Tribes (Recognition Of Forest Rights) Bill, 2005 The Committee was formed by the Parliament to consider the provisions and possible ramifications of the 2005 Bill

28, Oct 2019 | CJP Team

The Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill, 2005 sought to recognise forest rights of forest dwelling Scheduled Tribes (FDSTs) who have been occupying the land before October 25, 1980. This Bill did not recognise communities which depend on the forest for their survival and livelihood but don’t constitute forest dwellers or Scheduled Tribes.

After being introduced in the Lok Sabha on December 13, 2005, the 2005 Bill was referred the
Bill to a Joint Committee of both the Houses of Parliament. Mr.V. Kishore Chandra S. Deo was
appointed the Chairman of the Committee. The Joint Committee received memoranda from 109
associations and associations, and took oral testimonies of 44 witnesses while deliberating on
the Bill. Its Report along with a Bill incorporating its recommended changes was presented to
the Lok Sabha and laid in the Rajya Sabha. The Report can be found here:



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