January 2024: Harrowing incidents of violence against Dalit women From Tamil Nadu, Bihar to Uttar Pradesh, a common unifying factor is violence against Dalit women

23, Jan 2024 | CJP Team

Statistics from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reveal a disturbing surge of 45 percent in reported cases of rapes against Dalit women from 2015 to 2020. Furthermore, data reveals an alarming number of 10 incidents of rape against Dalit women and girls are reported daily in India. Thus, despite constitutional safeguards deep-rooted discrimination and violence continues to persist.

This is evident in the cases of reported violence that surge the media. However, what is further alarming is that, according to the Human Rights Watch, these cases only form a fraction of the actual incidents that take place. 

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Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh

In UP’s Baghpat area, an 18-year-old Dalit woman was subjected to a horrifying act of violence, according to the Indian Express. According to the Indian Express, the woman had been protesting sexual harassment that she had faced. However, after she did this the owner of the oil mill where she would work came to her, along with two other people, and pushed her into a cauldron of scalding hot oil earlier this month. As her injuries were too severe, she had to be transferred immediately to a hospital in New Delhi. The police has thus far arrested three suspects and have invoked charges under the Indian Penal Code section 307 (attempt to murder) and other sections of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The case was filed in response to a formal complaint filed by the woman’s brother, according to a report by the Indian Express. 

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

In Chennali, Tamil Nadu, an 18-year-old Dalit domestic worker has come forward with allegations of abuse, assault, and torture at the hands of a man named Antho Mathivanan, who is the son of DMK MLA I Karunanithi. The victim has submitted a complaint to the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police detailing the torture and abuse she has reportedly undergone. In response, Chennai police have taken action by invoking the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act against the son and daughter-in-law of the DMK MLA.  The survivor also revealed that, despite the promise of a monthly salary of ₹16,000, she was only provided with ₹5000.  She was a NEET aspirant but due to her financial constraints, she was forced to work as a domestic worker. 

Patna, Bihar

According to India Today, in the Hinduni Badhar region of Patna, Bihar, two Mahadalit minor girls kidnapped and brutally raped. One of the victims succumbed to her severe injuries, while the other is currently fighting for her life at AIIMS in Patna.

According to the families, both girls had gone out together one day as usual to collect cow dung cakes for fuel but as time went on, they failed to return home. A relative of one of the victims reported that locals discovered the lifeless body of one of the two missing children the following day after which the Phulwari Sharif police was informed.

According to the report, the sub-divisional police officer Vikram Sihag has stated, “Two minors went missing on Monday. Early on Tuesday morning, Phulwari Sharif police station received information on the missing girls, of which, one was found dead.”

Bettiyah, Bihar

According to The Mooknayak, in Bihar’s Gopalganj area two Dalit women were reportedly assaulted for trying to get drinking water from a hand pump situated within the premises of a local temple. Following this, they were subjected to an assault and were subjected to humiliating caste slurs. The incident was brought to light by The Mooknayak, occurred in Dukhi Chhapar village on January 2nd. The report details that one morning, one Kishanavati Devi along with Sugandhi Devi, was going to a relative’s house when the need for water arose. The two women then went into the Bhaisahwa temple to find water. However, they were prevented by the temple’s caretaker Kariman Yadav, who hurled insults at the two of them.  In response to this act, both victims have filed a complaint under the SC/ST Act at the local police station. 


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