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In Najafgarh, idols outside a mosque lead to tension

10, Aug 2015

The police said the plot adjoining the masjid was government land. “Some people claimed the land belonged to them and placed the idols there,” a senior police officer said.
Published:August 11, 2015 1:16 am
A temple and a mosque, separated by two shops and a narrow road, have coexisted for over 30 years in Najafgarh’s furniture market. On Monday afternoon, however, the imam locked himself in the mosque’s premises as a handful of policemen took position outside.
The Takiya mosque is situated less than 200 metres from the Krishna temple. Local residents alleged that the mosque authorities tried to encroach upon a nearby plot, even demolishing portions of a wall on Friday. The mosque authorities denied the charges, maintaining that no construction outside the mosque premises had taken place. Meanwhile, at the disputed corner of the mosque, a makeshift religious shrine with two idols has been set up.


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