Hope Lost: India’s Transgenders and the Trans Bill 2018 Understand why the now lapsed bill drew such strong criticism

16, Feb 2019 | CJP Team

The Transgender Bill 2018, introduced by the Modi government, ostensibly to ‘protect’ the Transgender community has evoked strong reactions from the community as well as progressive minded people throughout India. It is largely seen as a conservative, even devious piece of legislation that will irreversibly harm the Transgender community. In this must watch video, CJP speaks to a wide spectrum of Transgenders and Gender Non Binary Indians to know exactly what the opposition to the Trans Bill, in the process also flagging some issues that lie at the core of the community’s concerns. In a strange move, the bill was allowed to lapse by the Government by not introducing it in the outgoing Rajya Sabha. For now, this is a relief but many more battles lie ahead.




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