Honour killing ‘ glare on parents

02, Oct 2015

RAKHEE ROYTALUKDAR Jaipur, Oct. 1: A young engineering graduate from Alwar claims his wife’s family murdered her because the couple were from different castes and had married against their parents’ wishes.
Devasheesh Meena, 22, alleges that police are turning a blind eye because of the politically explosive nature of the Meena- Gujjar rivalry in Rajasthan.
Pratibha Gujjar, 23, a BSc, died on July 27 at her family’s home in their ancestral village of Khakhawali in Bharatpur, 175km from here, police say. The family had said she had been electrocuted.
Devasheesh lodged a police complaint in Jaipur on August 19 alleging that Pratibha’s father, a bank employee, had murdered her to ” protect the family honour” because the childhood sweethearts had eloped and married in Delhi.


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