Homeless in their Backyard in Gujarat A study about the Internally Displaced Persons of 2002

01, Dec 2017 | Lubinabeevi E.J

The 2002 communal riots not only drove Muslims into new ghettos all over the state, they also reduced them to the status of second-class citizens who do not seem to exist for the government. This is the finding of a city-based NGO, Janvikas, which conducted a survey on the status of the minority community in the state after the riots. The survey has revealed that Muslims are the new outcasts who, more often than not, are denied basic facilities which are available to people of other communities. Not only that. It appears that this neglect of the community is officially sanctioned for the riot victims find no mention in government records as people who need help. Here’s a study on the issues related to the internally displaced people based on the findings of Janvikas.


Feature Image by Amili Setalvad


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